These ad campaigns claim the choice is between their
“Revolutionary” treatment and the application of fumigants
(i.e., tenting).  This is misleading!  Drywood Termite
infestations have traditionally been dealt with using methods
other than fumigation.  Orange Oil, developed in China, was
introduced to the United States in the 1980’s and was
rejected by the local operators of termite companies.  The
drill and treat method was developed long before that.  What
is revolutionary is the fear mongering, ugly, and misleading
supply-side economics ad campaign that misuses peoples’
need to help the environment.

When applying the chemical Termidor, per label directions,
most treatments use .08 ounces of Termidor in a water
solution, equaling approximately 1 quart of solution.  
Termidor is 15% technical grade, which means that only
about .01 ounces of Termidor would actually be used.  
Termidor does not glow in the dark and is nothing to be
afraid of.  Most limited drill and treat chemical applications by
local established companies are performed for $350.00 to
$750.00.  Orange Oil treatments start at $1200.00.

Homes with multiple infestations should be fumigated for
effectiveness and cost; however, Orange Oil companies do
not offer fumigations.  There can be diminishing returns when
a limited local treatment costs $1200.00 and the fumigation,
treating the entire home, costs $1500.00.  Fumigation is not
the deadly monster that they attempt to portray.  A healthy
mammal has to be exposed for hours in an enclosed space
during fumigation to be fatal.  Sulfur Fluoride is a gas that
flashes at about minus 250° Fahrenheit, is a small molecule
that expands out rapidly, and is deadly to most small insects.  
It expands so quickly that it must be contained by canvas.  
Fumigation is so effective because it eradicates infestations
even when you don’t know where they are located.  
Although it may be considered a difficult and time-consuming
process, it works…tried and true.  

Worth It?
Consumers should know the reality of every option available
to them so that they can make an educated and appropriate
decision as to how to protect their home.  Many people will
gladly pay a little extra if it means that they feel safer about
the products and methods used in their homes.  
Unfortunately, many consumers are paying more than a little
extra for what's being falsely billed out as "peace of mind."  
Until a more effective environmentally-friendly product is
made available, the best bet, for your home and wallet, is to
contact a local, well established, licensed, and reputable pest
control firm experienced in safe applications of traditional
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