Consumers have been fed a small dose of misinformation
through commercials and radio ads claiming eradication of
infestation through environmentally-friendly applications of
Orange Oil.  These advertisements are currently the subject
of an ongoing Structural Pest Control Board (herein referred
to as Board) false and misleading advertising violation
investigation.  (November 18, 2008 Minutes of the Annual
Meeting of the Structural Pest Control Board, Section XVII).

The Orange Oil media blitz has resulted in a drastic cost
impact to consumers.  The competitive advertisement
campaign costs are being unfairly shouldered by homeowners
by way of over-inflated treatment fees.  

Orange Oil is a highly flammable essential oil containing the
active ingredient d-limonene, derived from the rind of an
orange.  When applied, it leaves a very pungent citrus odor.  
There is much debate as to whether Drywood Termites will
naturally avoid the essence as they commonly do with most

Orange Oil is only effective for the spot treatment of
Drywood Termites, and will not control infestations of
Western Subterranean Termites.  Orange Oil applications
require drilling into the infested wood and injecting the
product directly into each identified termite gallery.  
Traditional termite control chemicals work on a "transfer"
basis (explained below), whereas Orange Oil is only effective
when directly applied and will not treat undetected
infestations, which leaves your home susceptible to further
damage.  By statue (Board Regulation Title 16, Section 1990),
pest control companies are required to inform you that these
are limited treatments and that there may be hidden
infestations. "Local treatment is not intended as an entire
structure treatment method.  If infestations of wood-
destroying pests extend or exist beyond the areas of local
treatment, they may not be exterminated."

The above-mentioned language flies in the face of the claim
that Orange Oil alone can be legally prescribed to eradicate
an entire infestation.  It is assumed that this statement is well
hidden within wood-destroying organism (“termite”) reports
which prescribe Orange Oil for Drywood Termite treatment.  
With minimal research, it is easily concluded that Orange Oil
is a limited treatment and will not guarantee the protection of
a home from Drywood Termite infestation.  

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Orange Oil:  Environmentally Responsible or
Fiscally Disastrous?
By Nik Wojcik (as published on HubPages)
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